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Automated Heuristic Using OTS/JTS Synchronization Interfaces Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015846D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Jul-14
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-21
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Disclosed is a computing program mechanism to facilitate the processing of heuristic transaction outcome.

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Automated Heuristic Using OTS/JTS Synchronization Interfaces

Disclosed is a computing program mechanism to facilitate the processing of heuristic transaction outcome.


    A heuristic outcome occurs in transaction processing systems when a participant makes a unilateral decision regarding the transaction outcome of the activity without waiting for instruction from the coordinator. After a heuristic outcome, application or operator intervention is required to resolve inconsistencies by distributing the resultant outcome to the other systems participating in the transaction. An administrator on each system then takes the necessary corrective action steps:

Participant takes unilateral decision regarding processing outcome

Transaction service protocol message informs coordinator of participant decision

Transaction service informs application of abnormal completion

Application requests participant list from transaction service

Application message informs other systems of processing outcome

System (or an administrator) takes corrective action








    The disclosed mechanism utilizes the transaction service synchronization operations interfaces (specification references: OMG Object Transaction Service (OTS), and JavaSoft Java* Transaction Service (JTS) Synchronization operations allow notification messages to be transmitted to a transaction participant before and after the transaction commitment process. The intended purpose of the interface was to allow for additional processing such as dealing with the requirement to ensure processing was completed prior to executing the commitment process and to allow for any cleanup after commitment processing had ended.

    The disclosed mechanism expands the status information included on the after_completion message to automate the heuristic notification process. The values added to the existing status conditions explicitly indicate the failure conditions detected caused by the participant that triggered the heuristic outc...