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Business model for the delivery system of medical supplies Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015874D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Jun-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-21
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1. Introduction

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Business model for the delivery system of medical supplies

1. Introduction

This system is realized the delivery system of commercial medicines which need not the prescription by combining the pharmacy with delivery system, example for pizza delivery service.

2. Advantages of using this system

This system help that the following person get the appropriate medicines shortly by staying their home when they become sick or injury suddenly.

a. Single aged and young person
b. Family of having the suckling
c. The person who can not go out their home by any other reason

And the helpful point of this system is that user can consult with the pharmacist and/or doctor.

3. Differences between this invitation and current system

Current pharmacy can prescribe the medicines but they can not deliver it. Current delivery system can deliver the pizza, flower or package but they can not prescribe the medicines. In current system, the previous patient have to go to pharmacy or hospital if they are difficult go out home.

This system can prescribe and deliver the medicines to patient's home. And this system also combine the information of pharmacy with the delivery system by communication tool. The communication mean internet, telephone and mobile, etc. The pharmacy has the information which are personal data, stock and sales data. The delivery system has the information which are area map and address, etc. All of these information are combined by this system.

The pharmacist in pharmacy...