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Direct Entry Navigation for a Sortable Web Table Disclosure Number: IPCOM000015876D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Apr-06
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-21
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Direct Entry Navigation for a Sortable Web Table

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Direct Entry Navigation for a Sortable Web Table

Direct Entry Navigation for a Sortable Web Table

    The idea behind our disclosure solves a common user interface problem found with HTML tables. Since HTML tables do not have a scrollbar, we are offering an alternative solution for the navigation of table data. The navigation solution that web search engines provide run off the assumption that the records are sorted by an algorithm in order of their likelihood of desired result. However, this assumption is not valid for an HTML table that is used for other purposes. One such example is an address book. In this case it is as likely that a user will want to access a record in the middle or the end of the table data as it is they will want to access the very first record. This user requirement necessitates a navigation solution that provides access to random pages of records in addition to the typical back and next options This is the problem solved by our invention as detailed below.

  1) A page size (or HTML table size) is defined as the number of records to be displayed in the table at a time.

2) The current page X will be displayed in an enabled text field. When a user wishes to jump ahead to a specific page, the user can manually enter the page they want to skip to in the text box and hit enter. This would be especially useful for a user who wants to see page 1000 out of 2000 total pages.
3) Unless the user is on the last page, a control marking the action to go to the next page is appended to the right side of the curren...