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System Management Process via Mobile Environment Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016081D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Aug-01
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[System Management Process via Mobile Environment]

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System Management Process via Mobile Environment

[System Management Process via Mobile Environment]

1.Current Trend

There have been an increasing number of mobile phone, PDA and pervasive computer users which connected with internet network. Recent years, customers' systems are running 24 hours, 7 days a week for the continuous services. In these systems environments, stable system operations are focused on, and systems operators are required to find out troubles quick, to solve and recovery them properly. But the systems operators can perform only symple procedures based on operation manuals. These effective systems operation enables stable system services for various users.


Now ,system operators are monitoring so many Servers, Jobs, and thousands of tasks for stable system operation in all days. Operators need to contact with the best persons for advanced and correct judgments for system troubles, problem determinations and recoveries by telephone or e-mail when these system events occurs. System operators and system managers spend a lots of their time and workload for communications with system administrators, system programmers and end users to gather and transmit information on systems events.

This invention comes from basic idea when we discussed at Requirement Definition phase of "Designing internal mail and work flow system by using LOTUS Domino" at Morinaga Milk company to have higher quality of systems operations. This invention is effective for high quality system operation ,minimize the cost of undesired additional operation ,and simplifying system operations.

3.1 General Function
3.1.1 Mail subsystem on System Management Server

- System Management server should have mail subsystem except for monitoring subsystem.

- Mail subsystem send mails to registered person to notice system events automatically as a e-mail.

- Mail subsystem server uses basic functions mounting on operating system in a server.

- Notice mail will be forwarded to mobile phone mail or PDA/pervasive computer mail address by using routing function of mailing system.

3.1.2 Monitor system events via mobile environment

- There are several key techniques like accessing function to the system according to a HTTP system and/or function to process a series of procedure (e.g. Java Script) in mobile environment.

- Mix of those functions will produce a good results for the effective data gathering to the target system .(e.g. Monitoring the disk utilization , the operation situation of


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system service process running)

3.1.3 System operation via mobile environment

- The person in charge who received mail (systems administrator or another) performs system operation from mobile environment in case of emergency.

- These system operations include stopping services, starting services and system...