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Adjustable TrackPoint Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016112D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Oct-30
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-21
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Subject: Adjustable Track Point

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Adjustable TrackPoint

Subject: Adjustable Track Point

Disclosed is a mechanism for "Height adjustable" TrackPoint which is a
pointing device loaded on a lap-top PC. The device has height adjustable
function and up-down function working with lap-top PC's top cover movement.
When laptop PC isn't in use, the track point stays down, then once the top
cover opened up, its head is popped up in order to prevent clashing the
track point and LCD surface in a laptop PC top cover. In addition, height
of the track point is adjustable as user comfortable with "height adjust

Mechanism to achieve the invention
This trackpoint device has 2 functions as follows. In short, both of them
are achieved by "thread on the shaft like a screw".

 1 adjustment height as user comfortable. "Height Adjust Mechanism"
The track point has a shaft which has threads like a screw and small
projections as rotation stopper shown in Fig.1. Because the shaft fixing
dial hold the small stopper on the shaft, the shaft doesn't rotate when the
track point is in use. To adjust height, the shaft is rotated with rotating
the fixing dial, then its shaft comes up (or down) by the threads on the
shaft and inside of the hole on the small pinion.

 2 Up-Down action linked to Open-Close action of LCD panel (top cover of
Lap-Top PC)

 As shown in Fig.2, small rack connected to a shaft, which is linked to the
top cover, pushes (or pull) the small pinion when the LCD panel portion is
opened, then it rotates and pushes the shaft u...