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Investment Prioritization Method for Availability Function(AFIP) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016137D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Aug-25
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-21
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AFIP : Investment Prioritization Methodology to adopt Availability Functions into applications and/or servers in a large enterprise

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Investment Prioritization Method for Availability Function(AFIP)

  AFIP : Investment Prioritization Methodology to adopt Availability Functions into applications and/or servers in a large enterprise

1. AFIP Overview

(1.1) Background

In a large enterprise, there are lots of demands from individual GPMs (Divisions) for upgrading or installing their servers to meet their business requirements thru IT. And IT Function as a IT Service Provider should face big difficulty in filtering them for investment efficiency. But if there is a kind of IT investment guideline provided, there might be no problem in selecting items for investment thanks to a standard rule applied to all demand items from individual GPMs. Based on the pre-set guideline in terms of application value, its current operating environment, and expected benefit thru investment, if you could decide on reasonable priority for investment among lots of requests, everybody could agree on the prioritized investment plan even though he would not be satisfied with it.

(1.2) Purpose

Purpose of this Availability Function Investment Prioritization methodology is to set up a fair, clear and effective Investment Plan within a budget constraint thru applying the same and fair rule to every IT budget request from every division (GPM) in an large or global enterprise. This AFIP methodology can be extended and applied to a general IT investment plan as well as an Availability Function investment plan thru modifying some parameters in input value for several AFIP formulas.

(1.3) Major 3 Factors of AFIP

AFIP Methodology focuses on the 3 major factors, Application Value, Service Quality, and Availability Function level, which are critical in deciding priority of investment on AF (availability function) of servers. But you have to finally review its alignment with business strategy.- Refer to Figure 1.


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2. AFIP Methodology

(2.0) A.F. Investment Prioritization (AFIP) is composed of multiplication of A.F. Utilization Level (AFUL) by Application Value Degree (AVD), and then are classified into 25 Priorities. - Refer to Figure 2.

(2.1) AFUL can be figured out through applying appropriate weight for each factors and correlating them after investigating on installation Level of AF(AFL) and measuring IT Service Quality Level (SQL). Meaning of AFUL is that if you could well utilize the server which is equipped with a certain level of AF and provide end-users with high level quality of IT service, AF would have real value for end-users. - Refer to Figure 3....