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Internationalized terminal emulator Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016176D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Oct-10
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-21
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A program is disclosed that Component design and interfaces of internationazed terminal emulator.

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Internationalized terminal emulator

A program is disclosed that Component design and interfaces of internationazed terminal emulator.

By splitting platform dependent part and independent part, terminal emulator will be highly portable and extensive.

Picture below depicts componet design. Rounded rectangles are interfaces of componets which are implemented in platform dependent way, and rectangles are actual componets which are independent from platform. Each component works as below

IO - Input/Output Interface. This interface abstracts communcation between terminal emulator and host computer, VT100 - VT100 compatible protocol handler component. The component takes a character(not byte), transit internal state, and call a callback function. Signature of Callback function is defined, thus enhancing capability is done without any modification of this protocol handler.

VTScreen - Model of screen. This componet manages character buffer.

VTLayout - Layout service interface. This interface abstracts layout service, such is used to visualize complex text like written in thai, arabic, hebrew and so on. VTCore - Controller of the model, reads bytes from the IO interface, composes a character from the byte sequence, passes the character to the VT100 parser, flushes the VTScreen to sync Model and View when input ends. The componet also provides several services to controll the model.

View - Interface of system dependent part, like drawing text string, handling of user inputs...