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A method to temporarily customize the workstation you are working Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016186D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Sep-30
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-21
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A method to temporarily customize the workstation you are working


Today if you want to continue your daily operations when travelling, you need to have a thinkpad or best case just access your mail by an internet café . The problem in the first case is that having a thinkpad is not comfortable and in the second case the software that you are using is not available in the internet café but you can use just and only the mail system..


The solution is to create a user profile protected by user and password . In the user profile there are all the sensitive data and their prerequisite . For example, desktop, important documents, list of products .

All these information are loaded in central web server trough http.

data characteristic prerequisite

 Desktop Yes No Product Office Windows NT Document Curriculum Vitae WordPad Config file Autoexec.bat Windows 3.1

Once you change the workstation, you need just to access the web server and request to customize your workstation once you have provided userid and password.. Providing userid and password can just be automates by providing a CD-ROM with an AUTORUN. So at this point it is enough insert the CD-ROM inside the workstation to launch the program and log to the web server with the proper userid and passsword

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