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Automated Control of Theater/Concert Production Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016233D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Oct-20
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-21
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Automated Control of Theater/Concert Production

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Automated Control of Theater/Concert Production

Automated Control of Theater/Concert Production

One of the more expensive features of putting on a stage performance is engaging a crew to manage appropriate stage lighting and musical introduction. This is typically a human-intensive activity that requires participation of specialized staff. For lower-budget performances, sophisticated control of all of these systems can be prohibitively expensive.

The goal of this invention is to automatically manage the control of stage lighting, music, and filming systems, particularly for performances that cannot sustain or justify a large filming and lighting crew. The proposed system will operate the entire lighting, music systems, and film capture at once through an automated program, using speech recognition and audio/video data from scenes.

More specifically, the audio/video data from theater scene can be processed and match the prerecorded data to identify rules for controlling light, music/film capturing and scene changes.

More specifically, a situation recognizer, automatic speech recognizer and prerecorded data consists of a set of prerecorded situations and spoken texts.

For example, the producer of a given production can identify in the script where particular light changes should occur. The following scenario describes how this could operate: Assume the stage lights should dim at the end of Scene One. Markings to this effect can be incorporated into the script, for...