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Analysis for: e-commerce Web site for travels Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016250D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Nov-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-21
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Analysis for: e-commerce Web site for travels


An automated system is provided for choosing and buying, on web, vacation packages, charter flies, resorts and tours in relation to one or more locations. The system retrieves information from a relational database in which there are one or more portfolios of informations related to the locations choosen. The novelty is in the opportunity for the buyer to compose the own vacation package as he/she prefers, from a plurality of alternate chooses, and to reserve other services available in the places choosen for the vacation before the start of the his/her trip. Consequently, a buyer using the system does not spend time when he arrives in the place of vacation for buying or booking fun or services. The web system is the way to have the information always brought up to date as the local operator can to do it in every time, and the data base design drives the user in navigation in the web site.


This solution relates to reservation services and more precisely, to a web system to identify alternative holiday arrangements packages and related services and other facilities available in the location choosen. Usually, the tour operator sells pre-packaged tours, without the opportunity to choose and to reserve other additional services (like excursions, museums,..) . Previously, this process of identifying the available opportunities and services could only be performed by the tourist locally or by the tour operator via his own contacts. Now there is the opportunity to store in the database all the informations related to the place of interest and to link them to the main product in the catalog (like the fly, the package, the hotel and so on) and to show the complete offer on the web site.

The system allows...