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PvC-Signature via External Connection to a Secure Sign-Engine Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016320D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Nov-14
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-21
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PvC-Signature via External Connection to a Secure Sign-Engine

Subject of the publication

    As the number of mobile devices grows day by day, the need for secure transactions from and to these mobile devices and the secure storage of critical information becomes very important. Today, only few of these devices have built-in security features which allow to transfer or to store critical data.

    The new solution is a Secure Sign Engine (SSE) which is a mobile personal standard device for all PKI type operations. It may be a secure device on its own or needs to be connected to a "Security Token" (like a Smart Card). The SSE takes over the security relevant functions for a pervasive computing device (e.g. Signature Generation, Key Storage, ...).

Prior Art

    Most of today's Pervasive Computing devices do not contain tamper proof modules. They partially provide security software but they don't contain hardware which prevents the misuse of the stored security information. Mobile devices like cellular phones contain a tamper proof module in form of a SIM card, but the SIM card only provides special build in services and therefore can not be used for general security tasks.

Detailed Description of SSE new solution

The SSE consists of the following Elements:
1. Security Token The SSE contains a tamper proof module (Security Token) which takes over all security relevant tasks. The SSE can contain a permanent (built-in) or a removable Security Token. For the use of a removable Security Token the SSE can use a Smart card reader slot or USB plug-in. The Security Token supports secure key storage (up to three RSA private keys), RSA public & private key operations, hashing (optional), storage for additional objects (public keys, certificates) and other cryptographic operations.
2. Own battery power (independent from PvC device) As the SSE can be used independently from any specific PvC device an own power supply is needed.
3. Display for summary of text to be signed.
4. Either Keypad for PIN or fingerprint...