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Mobile Device Orientated Anonymous Presentation Enabled EC System, EC System Data and the Data Handling Procedure Model Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016371D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Nov-16
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-21
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  Mobile Device Orientated Anonymous Presentation Enabled EC System, EC System Data and the Data Handling Procedure Model

Key Points:

1. Capability to present goods/service to an anonymous mobile device user

2. Capability to keep the anonymity after finished presenting; no receiver informations remained in sender's side

3. Capability to secure the anonymous mobile device user's identification by unique mobile device identification number

4. Capability to integrated to the existed EC web site seamlessly

Solved Problems:

1. Can not send a present to the person without the exact name and post mail address

2. Unable to retain the receiver's anonymity if presenting completed successfully

3. Can not identify the present receiver without his name and post mail address

4. Restricted in the closed community

How does the invention archieve an advantage?

1. Sender accesses to the Anonymous Mediation Service Provider (AMSP), inputs the receiver's (anonymous mobile device user) mobile device email address.

2. Sender go to the EC web site through the url link in the AMSP page, complete to perchase the present

3. EC web site send the transaction ID of the sender's present purchase to AMSP

4. AMSP links the present purchase transaction ID with anonymous mobile device user's mail address, and sends a email to anonymous device user

5. Anonymous mobile user accesses to the AMSP through the url link inside the email from AMSP, and checks the present sender's information.

6. Once anonymous mobile device user accesses to the AMSP, the AMSP server captures the anonymous mobile device unique device identification number.

7. AMSP server stores the anonymous mobile device's unique identification ID, and links it with the purchace transaction ID. At the meantime, AMSP send the device identification ID to the EC site, and requests for updating the "Shipping and Address" field with the identification ID.

8. AMSP server creates a new link to the shipping address update page in the EC web site and shows it to...