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Runstats for DiscoveryLink & Federated Database Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016406D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Nov-08
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jun-21
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Runstats for DiscoveryLink Federated Database In DB2, two types of permanent tables are defined :

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Runstats for DiscoveryLink & Federated Database

In DB2, two types of permanent tables are defined :

- System catalog tables; - User tables.

System catalog tables contain information about all the objects stored into DB2 which are used by the DB2 engine during the processing of the queries. More particularly, these tables comprise :

- Table/index definitions; - Column/Data Types; - Statistical information about tables (ex: physical memory used for each table). This information is updated using the DB2 command "runstats".

User tables contain the data created by the DB2 user

DiscoveryLink is an IBM (International Business Machines Corporation) computer program to federate heterogeneous data sources. This middleware comprising DB2 EE v 7.2 + Relational Connect + LifeSciences Data Connect allows a connection to Oracle,

Sybase, SQL Server databases and to other data sources as if they were DB2 native. Some features in DiscoveryLink are lacking. The most important feature is the refresh (update) of statistics for remote databases (on DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, etc..). The problem is that it is not possible to perform a "runstats" command on a nickname object (a Remote Data Object). The only way to do so is to drop the nickname and to recreate it. The problem is that statistics are only automatically calculated during the nickname creation.

The present invention discloses a new "runstats" function to refresh the statistics for an existing nickname. This new "runstats" function performs special queries to analyze the remote catalog of the database related to the nickname (DB2, Oracle). Today, it is impossible to use the DB2 "runstats" command to update statistical information related to an e...