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E-Business Infrastructure Assessment Process and Questionnaire Tool Disclosure Number: IPCOM000016776D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Jul-15
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jul-15
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What is your customer facing? - Everything! e-business is placing incredible and less predictable demands on a company's infrastructure. Companies need to move quickly to keep up with e-business adoption whether they are starting from scratch or adapting what they already have.

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E-Business Infrastructure Assessment Process and Questionnaire Tool

   This offering assesses the current state of the clients infrastructure against the e-business evolutional stages and the necessary functionality required.

e-business Adoption Process

2nd generation e-business


Awareness Presence Pilot Adoption Process


Web Publishing

Security Chasm

Business Value Chasm

Stage of Adoption


Cross Process Integration

Redefine Core


Value Network Creation

Integrate Core and Redefined Processes with Partners and Customers

Use the Internet Internally

Establish a AlloWebsitew

Access to Core Systems
(read only)

Allow Transactions on Core Systems

Improve Core Business Process(es)

Source : The McKenna Group Interviews and Analysis

Disclosed by International Business Machines Corporation


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