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Nailed up connection via Packetnetwork Disclosure Number: IPCOM000017602D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Apr-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jul-23
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Peter Goldstein: AUTHOR


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Nailed up connection via Packetnetwork

Idee: Peter Goldstein, CH-Thalwil

Technical Field of Application

This disclosure relates to public telecommunication in general and, more particularly, to a way ofproviding the PSTN/ISDN network service "nailed up connection" in a hybrid network, i.e. anetwork combining PSTN/ISDN with a packet network, such as the Internet.

State of the Art

A PSTN/ISDNPSTN/ISDN network operators offer to their customers among other services the so called"nailed up connection" service. A customer requesting a nailed up connection for voice or datawill be provided with a semi permanent connection for the requested time period between twoend points. This connection is available to the customer for the transport of real-time voice ordata between the two end points at any time without the need to invoke call set up procedure as itwould normally be required. This connection is restored automatically in case of failures; themaintenace staff has to be notifyed whenever the connection is not available.

B Packet NetworkPacket networks are general-purpose data networks. For network operators having separatevoice and data networks the convergence of the two networks may result in cost savings.Considering that the volume of data traffic is or will soon be significantly higher than the volume ofvoice traffic, packet network may be the preferred technology for the converged network, suchas an IP based backbone.

C Combining the SCN and the packet network, such as the InternetMedia Gateways are bridging the circuit switched TDM (sub-)network and the packet network,such as the Internet. VoIP in general and virtual trunking in particular are the scenarios of interest.

Summary of the disclosure

The present disclosure describes a way of providing "nailed up connections" in a hybrid network.The VoIP Gateway comprises

·   The Media Gateway Controller contains a functional entity "nailed up connection function"including a first communication interface to communicate with the AO&M device and asecond communication interface to communicate with the MG.

·   The Media Gateway interconnecting the circuit switched TDM (sub-)network and the packetnetwork, such as the Internet, is complemented by a functional entity "nailed up connection

Siemens Technik Report

Jahrgang 4  Nr. 11  April 2001

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function" including a first communication interface to communicate with the connection/contextmanager being the main process of the Media Gateway and a second communicationinterface to the RTCP. The "nailed up connection function" evaluates the quality of theconnection by analyzing the RTCP information. In case of problems the functional entity"nailed up connection function" in the Media Gateway Controller is notifyed.

The first figure shows a typical architecture for virtual trunking; an IP backbone interconnectsexchanges/nodes of the PSTN/ISDN TDM network. A scenario is shown where a nailed upconnection ex...