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Remote-located and pooled resources of node with decomposed architecture Disclosure Number: IPCOM000017634D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Apr-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jul-23
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Peter Goldstein: AUTHOR


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Remote-located and pooled resources of node with decomposedarchitecture

Idee: Peter Goldstein, CH-Thalwil

Technical Field of Application

This disclosure relates to public telecommunication in general and, more particularly, to amechanism to provide pooled resources remote-located in nodes with decomposed(decentralized) architecture.

State of the Art

Monolithic nodes provide resources either permanent assigned to the circuits or centralized in acommon pool. When introducing nodes with a decomposed (decentralized) architecture, certainresources can no longer be provided in a centralized and common pool; e.g. Echo Canceller witha limited tail path length. The straight forward solution would then be to provide the resourcespermanent assigned to the circuits. This however is not the most economical way of providing theresources. Another problem is the synchronisation of the status of the remote resources due to thepropagation delay of any information exchanged between the remote location and the host; incase of satellite connections or packet based communication the propagation delay can be in theorder of several 100ms.


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Fig. 1

Siemens Technik Report

Jahrgang 4  Nr. 11  April 2001

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Summary of the disclosure

The present disclosure describes- hardware entity that allows the remote-located and pooled provision of resources and- centralized software entity that allows the control of the pooled resources as if they wereprovided on a permanent assigned (to the circuit) basis.

Example: Voice over IP Gateway

IETF and Tiphon (ETSI) have proposed a decomposed architecture of such a Gateway. There ise.g. the so-called Media Gateway Controller MGC containing the Call Processing, sometimesreferred to as Call Server. Call Processing includes functionality’s such as Echo Control Logic.An other Entity is the so-called Media Gateway MG where the transport of the Media Stream(e.g. voice, fax, etc.) is converted from TDM to IP and vice-versa. The Media Gateways arecontrolled by the Media Gateway Controller (Fig. 1).

From the centralized (located in the MGC) Echo Control Logic's point of view the remote-located and pooled Echo Cancellers provided in the Media Gateway are considered to be quasipermanent assigned. This is allowed since the dimensioning of the pool size will result in anavailability of approximately 100%. When creating the database of the VoIP Gateway in theMedia Gateway Controller the Media Gateway will be characterized as having "permanentassigned (to the circuits) Echo Cancelle...