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Self cleaning coating for materials and components that are used to handle chemical waste in a coater & developer tool Disclosure Number: IPCOM000017860D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Oct-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jul-23
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Self cleaning coating for materialsand components that are used tohandle chemical waste in a coater& developer tool

Idee: Steffen Hornig, Dresden;

Thorsten Schedel, Dresden;Torsten Seidel, Dresden


The coat and develop process of photolithographicstructures  creates  a  significant amount of chemicalwaste.  Special  devices  called  "cups", are used tocollect this waste and drain it in a controlled matter.Based on the utilization of the tool, special care forthese cups is required to ensure defect free produc-tion results.

Current Situation - coater:

The coater cups are usually exchanged on a weeklybase. Some tool manufacturers offer special cup rinseoptions to lengthen the interval of the cup exchange.Dirty cups will be cleaned in the parts cleaning de-partment. Depending on the material used for coating,the cleaning efficiency varies.

Current Situation – developer:

The developer cups are usually cleaned an a weeklybase. The interval depends on the utilization of thetool and on the defect sensitivity of the process run-ning on the tool. The cups can't be exchanged easily,the manual cleaning procedure takes place with thecups mounted in the machine. The developer cups arelocated in the upper part of the tool, access is onlypossible using a  ladder.  High  throughput  tools  areequipped with up to four developer cups. For the timeof cleaning the tool is not usable for production.

Disadvantages of the current situation:

1.     equipment downtime thr...