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Controlling a mobile device mode via an external tag Disclosure Number: IPCOM000017899D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Oct-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jul-23
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Marc Schlichte: AUTHOR [+2]


In this invention, a solution is shown to adapt a de- vice mode (on/off/sleep-mode) according to the dis- tance from the user. Up to now, the device mode could only be changed by the device itself.

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Controlling a mobile device modevia an external tag

Idee: Marc Schlichte, München;

Shinji Tanaka, München

In this invention, a solution is shown to adapt a de-vice mode (on/off/sleep-mode) according to the dis-tance  from  the  user.  Up  to  now,  the  device  modecould only be changed by the device itself.

The technical problem is solved in this invention byusing  a  separate  discrete  device,  called tag, whichcommunicates with the mobile device (via bluetooth,IrDA, etc.) and shuts it on or off or switches to asleep mode, when the distance between the two de-vices gets too large. The advantages of such a solu-tion are:

•   When the device gets  lost,  it  is  automaticallyturned off and fraud protected.

•   When the device is apart from the user, it doesnot ring and redirects incoming calls to the mailbox.

•   When the device gets close to the user again, thetag is used to authenticate the user

•   The mode of the device can be displayed on thetag (e.g. indicating distance from device)

The invention is realized by using a “reduced capa-bility” separate device. The adaption of mode is con-trolled by the distance between the two devices.

Example: The tag can be mounted to a wrist watch. Inthe evening, the mobile device is placed in the livingroom and the tag is carried in the bed room, switchingthe phone into a silent redirecting mode to preventthe user being disturbed from sleep and callers fromnon-response.