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Cull-less Molding Concept Disclosure Number: IPCOM000018022D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Dec-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jul-23
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Lim Boon Huat: AUTHOR [+4]


The cull-less molding concept is a new concept of molding to reduce compound usage. The molding compound will be transfered by plunger into the runners and later pushed by guided inert gas into the cavities.

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Cull-less Molding Concept

Idee: Lim Boon Huat, MAL-Melaka;

Tan Seng Gee, MAL-Melaka;Rony Monteiro, MAL-Melaka;Wong Chong Chin, MAL-Melaka

The cull-less molding concept is a new concept ofmolding to  reduce  compound  usage.  The  moldingcompound will  be  transfered  by  plunger  into  therunners and later pushed by guided inert gas into thecavities.

Actually the compound wastage in culls and runnersare high because there is some of the compound re-maining in the culls and runners. In fact they are fullyfilled with compound.

The compound usage  outside  the  cavities  will  bereplaced by an inert gas. So tools life span will beprolonged and shrinkage  of  compound  will  be  re-duced.

Figure  1  shows  the  state  of  the art. The plungerpushes the compound all the way from the plungerpot through the runners and fills all cavities.

Fig. 1

Siemens  Technik Report      Jahrgang 4  Nr.14      Dezember 2001


After the compound is pushed over the position of thesecond nozzle it is activated to push the molten com-pound further to the position of the third nozzle. Theactivation of the nozzles continue until all six nozzlesare activated and the compound filled the cavities.

In the end the nozzles are still applying a pressure onthe  compound  to  ensure  that  no  shrinkage  couldcause changes of package dimension.

Figure 2 shows the new method of molding.

Fig. 2

In  the  first  step  the  mchanically  activated plungermoves upwards to push the compound.