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Composer and other applications based on a Pitch recognition system in a mobile phone (voice pitch control, musical SMS, Content-based queries in musical databases, games) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000018045D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Dec-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jul-23
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Carmen Santa-Cruz: AUTHOR


The composer of tunes for the ringing tones uses the keypad. But not everybody is able to input melodies, since not everybody has musical skills. This fact affects the usability of the keypad for introduction or composition of ringing tones.

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Composer and other applicationsbased on a Pitch recognition systemin a mobile phone (voice pitch con-trol, musical SMS, Content-basedqueries in musical databases,games)

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Idee: Carmen Santa-Cruz, DK-Pandrup

The composer of tunes for the ringing tones uses thekeypad. But not everybody is able to input melodies,since  not  everybody  has  musical  skills.  This factaffects the usability of the keypad for introduction orcomposition of ringing tones.

Until now, the composition of new ringing tone me-lodies has been implemented by using the keypad ofthe mobile to enter the notes.

As it was said in the previous section. The keypad isa clumsy tool to introduce ringing tones and not eve-rybody is able to associate musical notes with a tune.However, probably a lot of people will be able to singa simple tune without problem. Once the melody hasbeen  input,  an  integrated  voice-pitch recognitionsystem would identify the notes associated with thetune and store them (and play them later on request)with the same duration that the

user has utilized. When the pitch values of the tunehave been identified, the system can associate themthe correspondent musical notes with a simple lookuptable (or other mean). In this way, a melody has been

composed, (and can be sent as plain text).

To play the tune, these basic tones can be generatedby the buzzer of the mobile, much in the same way asthe normal ringing tones. Other possibility would beto incorporate a small synthesizer.

This is easy and fun way to enter ringing tones, and itwill permit the user to compose small melodies whichcould be also send to another user using SMS (asplain text once the musical score has been identified).For the receiver mobile to be able to play the tune, itshould  of  course  have  an  ”interpreter”  of  musicalnotes (a look up table of similar will do) to associatea frequency with the musical notes. Additionally, asmall set of tools (like a MIDI sequencer, or a smallsynthesizer) could be provided for further editing themelodies.

To permit a easy way to enter a tune, opens a lot ofpossibilities not only for use this tune as a ringingtone, but also for games involving music, personalizemessages, etc.

There are already software programs for voice pitchrecognition. These programs are able to recognize the

pitch of a human voice and convert it to the musicalscore equivalent.

The  novelty  of  the  proposal  is  not  in  a system ofvoice-pitch  r...