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Application Interface for Mobile Phones Disclosure Number: IPCOM000018066D
Original Publication Date: 2001-Dec-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jul-23
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Krisztian Rassay: AUTHOR


Today the use of mobile phones is limited by the programmed hardware witch cannot be changed or upgraded by the user to his needs or wishes. The problem is the preinstalled software where no func- tions or application interfaces are planned.

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Application Interface for MobilePhones

Idee: Krisztian Rassay, HU-Budapest

Today the use of mobile  phones  is  limited  by  theprogrammed hardware witch cannot be changed orupgraded  by  the  user  to  his  needs  or  wishes. Theproblem is the preinstalled software where no func-tions or application interfaces are planned.

This problem can be solved by a Mobile ApplicationInterface which is a programming interface for thehardware and basic services  of  the  mobile  phone.Such application interface can provide access to thedisplay for writing or drawing, reading the keyboard,handling calls  and  using  other  services  like  shortmessage services (SMS).

The programming language depends on the needs andthe abilities of the hardware and the processor of therespective mobile  phone.  Either  it  can  be  a  objectoriented language which can provide an easy to usehardware abstraction, or it can be an interpreted lan-guage in order to use the application on many differ-ent hardware with different capabilities and instruc-tion sets, or complied to achieve the maximum per-formance.

The  applications  can  be  uploaded  to the phonethrough a data cable or downloaded from the pro-vider.