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Regenerative anaesthetic agent reflector and carbon dioxide absorber Disclosure Number: IPCOM000018247D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Apr-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jul-23
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Regenerative anaesthetic agent re-flector and carbon dioxide absorber

Idee: Mario Loncar, S-Solna


It is known to provide a combined anaesthetic agentreflector  and carbon dioxide (CO2) absorber in asingle unit. Internal gas flow paths of this unit arearranged so that during an expiration phase expira-tion gas passes only through the reflector materialand during  an  inspiration  phase  inspiration  gaspasses through both the reflector and the absorber. Inthis manner any CO2 from the expiration gas thatremains  within  the  unit’s  deadspace  is  not  re-circulated to the patient. The deadspace is relativelysmall, < 100ml, so that the known unit employs onlya small amount of soda lime which needs to be re-placed frequently. Usually the entire unit is disposedof when the soda lime becomes saturated with CO2.

path for warm gas through used units for regenera-tion purposes.

Two possible arrangements for regenerating the unitare shown in figures 2 below.

Air(100-200)  o C


EVAC Reflector



( A )



Air(100-200)  o C

Air(100-200)  o C



( B )


Regenerative CO 2  scrubbers are known, for examplefrom US 2001/0004895 A1, in which a CO 2  absorb-ing material, such as an ion exchange resin impreg-nated  with  benzylamine  groups,  is regenerated byapplying steam or simply increasing the temperatureof the absorber. It is proposed that the soda lime ofthe known unit is replaced with a  re...