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Cell-to-Aircraft Call Routing Disclosure Number: IPCOM000018310D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Apr-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jul-23
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Dhruva Aditya: AUTHOR [+8]


Currently, passengers of aircrafts cannot be contacted in the aircraft over phone. The use of cell phones is not allowed on board of aircrafts. Only outgoing calls can be made by using the in-aircraft satellite phones.

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Cell-to-Aircraft Call Routing

Idee: Dhruva Aditya, IN-Bangalore;

Bolour Kashi Archana, IN-Bangalore;Raghuraman Indumathi, IN-Bangalore;Varadarajan Mohan, IN-Bangalore;Kenchappa Ravichandra, IN-Bangalore;Kengeri Narahari, Shankar, IN-Bangalore;Chayapathi Shekar, IN-Bangalore;Giriyappa Srinivas Murthy, IN-Bangalore

Currently, passengers of aircrafts cannot be contactedin the aircraft over phone. The use of cell phones isnot  allowed  on  board  of  aircrafts. Only outgoingcalls can be made by using the in-aircraft satellitephones.

The idea is to route calls which are directed towardsthe passenger’s cell phone to the in-aircraft satellitephone.

For this a new feature is introduced in the mobilenetwork to accept a proprietary message to changethe call-forwarding information of a subscriber fromthe airline booking system. A message is sent fromthe airline booking system to the subscriber’s net-work when the boarding pass is issued.

Based on the phone  for  which  the  passenger  hasaccess to in the aircraft, the appropriate call forwar-ding information is entered. When there is a call tothe passenger’s cell phone, since the data is set in theHLR (Home Location Register), the call is forwardedto the in-aircraft phone near the passenger.

In this way the passenger will not miss any calls.Moreover the caller party need not know anyotherphone number of the passenger.

When  the  aircraft  reaches its  destination,  the  callforwarding  information  is...