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Web conference access through a Vox Portal Disclosure Number: IPCOM000018558D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Sep-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Jul-23
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Morgan Richomme: AUTHOR


The idea is to get access to a web conference without any possibility of an access to the internet through a speech recognition software.

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Web conference access through aVox Portal

Idee: Morgan Richomme, FR–Lannion

The idea is to get access to a web conference withoutany possibility of an access to the internet through aspeech recognition software.

The procedure can be realised by upgrading a webconference product of  the  Siemens  AG.  The  newfunction is a speech recognition module for the VoxPortal (a product of the Siemens AG) which allowsto  forward  all needed informations  to  a  dedicatedmodule of the web conference through VXML (Voi-ce  eXtensible  Markup  Language)  messages. Then,the web server sends a confirmation to perform therequested operation.

After  that,  the  web  conference  module, which iscontacted by the Vox Portal, asks the the bookingmodule for the reservation of the ressources on theweb server and sets off the phone calls on the requi-red date. The communication between the web con-ference server and the database module is done byRMI (Remote  Method  Invocation).  The  databasemodule stores all the information which are requiredby the web conference server like names, addresses,booking dates, the participiants of a booked confe-rence and other parameters. Furthermore, the user isable to change all these informations and the infor-mations of his personal phone book.

Siemens  Technik Report      Jahrgang 5  Nr.18      August 2002