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Work Advanced Accounting Resource Scheduler (WAARS)

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Original Publication Date: 2003-Nov-13
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Nov-13
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Work Advanced Accounting Resource Scheduler

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Work Advanced Accounting Resource Scheduler (WAARS)

Accounting and resource scheduling is a major component of Grid technologies. A user or entity may schedule a job to run on the Grid. As this job runs, the users account is charged as the job uses resources such as CPU time, disk space, network bandwidth, and specialized equipment that may be connected to the Grid. The rate at which the users account is charged also depends on the quality of service (QoS) where the user has the job scheduled. These jobs may take days to complete. If the users account is depleted the job can stop. The user must renew replenishing the account and restart the job. The restarting of the job is very inefficient. It is not necessarily true that all intermediate data and progress is lost. It is inefficient because of the delay, in what is usually the human intervention, required to replenish the account funds.

The idea with Work Advanced Accounting Resource Scheduler (WAARS) is that once the account is depleted the job is given a very low QoS. Basically, the QoS is a rating such that, if no other job is scheduled, this job will run. Once the user replenishes their account, the results which may have already been formulated at the lower QoS can immediately be produced. For example, if an account runs dry in the middle of the night or some low use time period, it would be optimal for the job to run to completion. In the morning when the problem with the account funds were correct, the re...