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Associated Web Links Presented in Context Menu over a Link

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000021486D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Jan-21
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Jan-21
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Disclosed is a method for following (selecting) a Web hyperlink which is usually only available by first following at least one additional hyperlink.

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Associated Web Links Presented in Context Menu over a Link

Sometimes a web link takes the user to a new page that itself has additional links. If the user wants from the start to click on link B found on page A, with current art he might need to:

1) Click on link A on page X to navigate to page A
2) Wait for page A to appear
3) Click on link B on page A to navigate to page B
4 ) Wait for page B to appear

Total: 2 clicks and 2 waiting periods

If there was a way to associate secondary links with primary links, the user should be able to link directly to page B from page X.

One way (not necessarily best mode) to achieve this capability would be to put any such associated links on a context menu. Here's how the above scenario would be improved using this method:

1) Right-click on link A on page X to surface a context menu that has link B (among other choices) on it
2) Click on link B on the menu to navigate to page B
3 ) Wait for page B to appear

Total: 2 clicks and only 1 waiting period

Programmatically this could be effected with an extension to the markup language (e.g. HTML, XML) attributes for the <A> (anchor) tag that creates links. A new attribute for 'associated links' could be provided that if used, adds these secondary links to the already-existing menus one receives after a right-click over a link in most (if not all) browsers:

< a href=" http://www.linkA.com "

associatedLinks="'link B', ' http://www.linkB.com ' ; 'link
C', ' http://www.linkC.com '" >
link A