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An approach to provide an e-business solution for medical equipment procurement and maintenance in third world countries Disclosure Number: IPCOM000021746D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Feb-05
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Feb-05
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In the developing countries, especially the Indian subcontinent, there is a major issue of providing health coverage primarily due to the following reasons: A) Lack of medical equipment to carry out detailed medical examinations/analysis. B) Remotely located medical centres across a wide geography. On top of these issues, there is also a genuine shortage of local skills and resources required to provide maintenance/upgrade of costly medical equipment which is imported from developed nations. As a consequence, out-of-warranty or slightly faulty medical equipment is rotting in the ware houses or being scrapped. It has been observed that in a significant number of cases, faulty parts of an equipment can be acquired by re-using parts from other non-functional machinery.

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An approach to provide an e-business solution for medical equipment procurement and maintenance in third world countries

The re-use of components from other faulty medical equipment provides a cost effective approach to reduce the expenses to procure and import parts from overseas thus saving valuable foreign currency reserves. However due to lack of information consolidation and management infrastructure, there is no system to maintain an inventory of these kind of parts for potential re-use.

    The focus area of this invention disclosure presents a web portal to provide a single point of contact for maintaining and managing these diversely located inventories.This solution would provide the following advantages: A) Single point of reference for parts information.
B) Easy access to the system by using the commonly used web browser interface.
C) Parts lookup and matching functionality.
D) Collaboration tools like chat and forums to communicate with peers.
E) News alert and industry updates.

3. Description: Describe how your invention works, and how it could be implemented, using text, diagrams and flow charts as appropriate.

The web solution for the problem identified in the above questions will work by making use of the internet which is commonly available in all medical premises. A high level architecture diagram of the solution is presented as following:

Red Zone Y e llo w Z o n e

Web C lient

 Web Server

W ebShpere Ap plication Server

  DB2 d atab ase


P arts M anagem ent S ystem

In te r n e t

E nd U ser

The web based application , referred to as Parts Management System in the diagram, offers a variety of functionality to various end-user roles:
Data Administrator:

    For warehouse data entry...