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Film Nail Board Disclosure Number: IPCOM000022038D
Publication Date: 2004-Feb-20
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Title: Film Nail Board

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Title: Film Nail Board

This document pertains to the fabrication of a nail file (nail board) that utilises a multilayer ‘radiant’ film substrate. The purpose of using this type of substrate is to provide a novel lustrous appearance. In this particular case the substrates are transparent 3M Brand RADIANT™ Colour Film or 3M Brand RADIANT™ Mirror Film, however this does not preclude the use of an alternative film type or an opaque film variety.

The film is coated with standard make and size resins, such as those employed in the manufacture of a typical coated abrasive film backed article.

The particular substrates used were 3M Brand CM500, 3M Brand CM590 (3M Brand Radiant color films) and 3M Brand VM2002 (3M Brand Radiant mirror film). 3M products are available from 3M Corporation, 3M Center, St. Paul, Minnesota MN 55144-1000, USA.

Once the film has been coated it is laminated into the finished article. Lamination involves adhering the abrasive coated film onto a central plastic core by means of an adhesive ‘sponge-like’ material so that abrasive coated film is on both flat surfaces, similar to a typical nail board.

The resultant nail board has a lustrous appearance and may be washed with warm soapy water to remove built up debris without adversely affecting the integrity of the construction. (Compare this to a standard paper nail board which tends to soften when washed).


Film nail board (face on view).