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The Emulation of Power Characteristics of a Physical Partition in a Logical Partitioning Environment

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000028012D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Apr-19
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Apr-19
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The emulation of power characteristics of a physical partition in a logical partitioning environment

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The Emulation of Power Characteristics of a Physical Partition in a Logical Partitioning Environment

An LPAR system should emulate the characteristics of a physical system as close as possible including the power consumption characteristics.

The resources used by logical partitions are: I/O - Drawers and cards

The hypervisor controls, and is aware of, the resources used by logical partitions and also controls the startup and shutdown of partitions. It is therefore capable of controlling the power used by these devices when they are not owned by a partition. Depending on the system design, intervention by external components such as a service processor may be required, either to control the power state, or to advise these components that the components are unavailable.

At startup all system resources should be power up to validate their health and the unused resources powered down, prior to starting partitions.

Central Processors

When a partition is started or CPUs are dynamically assigned to a partition, the CPUs to be used by the partition should be powered up before assigning them to the active partition. On partition power off, or the removal of a CPU from a partition, the CPU is once again placed in the lowest possible power consumption mode.


When a partition is powered up or I/O slots are dynamically assigned, the I/O drawers associated with the slots need to be powered up if they are not already powered. Each of the slots assigned to the parti...