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Vinylcaprolactam Containing Polymers in Water Soluble Packaging Applications

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000031820D
Publication Date: 2004-Oct-11
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Water soluble packaging is a convenient means of delivering detergent into a laundry wash cycle. Vinylcaprolactam polymers Advantage® HC-37 (terpolymer of vinylcaprolactam, vinylpyrrolidone and dimethylaminoethyl methacrylate) and Aquaflex® SF-40 (terpolymer of vinylcaprolactam, vinylpyrrolidone and dimethylaminopropyl methacrylamide) make them viable film forming polymers for this packaging application.

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Delayed release water-soluble films containing vinylcaprolactam copolymers.

Water-soluble packaging is a convenient means of delivering detergent into a laundry wash cycle. The timing of the delivery of the contents is dependent on the physical properties of the packaging material, where the water temperature dissolution plays an important role. Thus a typical film for packaging liquid detergent is required to be soluble during the warm wash cycle.

Such an approach might also be extended further to a "2 in 1" product which, in addition to initially delivering detergent, also delivers a fabric conditioner. However, the release of the latter would be delayed to occur close to the cold rinse cycle. This could be addressed by incorporating the fabric conditioner in a material which has enhanced solubility in cold and not hot water.

Disclosed are two materials with the potential to provide packaging films which will remain intact at high wash temperatures but dissolve in cold rinse temperatures. The two ISP polymers considered for this application were the vinylcaprolactam copolymers Advantage® HC-37 (terpolymer of vinylcaprolactam, vinylpyrrolidone and dimethylyaminoethyl methacrylate supplied as a 37% solids in ethanol solution) and Aquaflex® SF-40 (terpolymer of vinylcaprolactam, vinylpyrrolidone and dimethylyaminopropyl methacrylamide supplied as a 40% solids in ethanol solution).

Advantage® HC-37

CAS Registry Number: 102972-64-5; 64-17-5 Aquaflex® SF-40

CAS Registry Number: 64-17-5

In both products the vinylcaprolactam portion of the polymer makes them viable film-forming polymers for the packaging application described above. Vinylcaprolactam exhibits inverse solubility with temperature. Hence the solubility of polymers containing vinylcaprolactam in water decreases as temperature increases above its cloud point*. Materials that are fully soluble at room temperature may become partially insoluble...