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Microcomputer Control of Copier

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000049114D
Original Publication Date: 1982-May-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Feb-09
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Microcomputer control of a copier is implemented using a single control panel switch and a simple display.

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Microcomputer Control of Copier

Microcomputer control of a copier is implemented using a single control panel switch and a simple display.

The microcomputer (uC) is coupled by conventional means to a simple display, such as a seven-segment hex display, and a single on/off button. When power is applied to the machine, the uC outputs a "C" to the display on the control panel for one second. During this time, the control panel button is activated by the uC to allow the self check mode selection, if desired. That is, depressing the button during this time causes the uC to place the machine in self-checking mode. Failure to depress the button for the one-second period results in the uC blanking the display. The control panel lamps are verified automatically, and the machine enters a warm-up state.

The button is deactivated by the uC, and the display remains blank during warm up. The machine warm up is followed by the uC placing a "1" on the display and activating the control panel button.

This causes the button to act as a copy select control in that depression of the button is responded to by the uC by incrementing the display by one. As long as the button is activated, the uC will continue incrementing the display continuously, such as at a rate of two increments per second. If a single display module is used, the maximum number of copies that can be selected is nine. When the uC displays a nine and the control panel button is continuously depressed, the uC causes the copy counter to wrap around a...