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Tip for Microwelding Apparatus

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Original Publication Date: 1982-Dec-01
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This microwelding tip allows the wire to be bonded to be placed perpendicularly to the gap.

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Tip for Microwelding Apparatus

This microwelding tip allows the wire to be bonded to be placed perpendicularly to the gap.

In microwelding small wires in semiconductor packaging technology, the microwelding tip must carry a heavy welding current under pressure. During the welding cycle the temperature of the wire gets very high for short period of time. Tips made of molybdenum, which is soft and subject to plastic flow at the welding temperature, have a limited work life and normally utilize a gap parallel to the wire.

In this microwelding tip, the electrodes 10 and 12 are formed of a tungsten alloy sold under the trademark of ENDELOY(Trademark of Contact Metals Welding Corp., Indian apolis, Indiana.) which is free machining and much harder than molybdenum at the operating temperature of the welder. Each of the electrodes has a groove 14 machined on the end thereof which is perpendicular to the gap 16. A wire 18 to be bonded is placed in groove 14 and a voltage applied between electrodes 10 and 12 of sufficient magnitude to cause the wire to melt in the vicinity of the gap.


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