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Moisture Resistant Diazo Films

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Original Publication Date: 1972-Jul-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Feb-25
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Semitransparent diazo photomasks employing acrylic esters are resistant to moisture degradation.

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Moisture Resistant Diazo Films

Semitransparent diazo photomasks employing acrylic esters are resistant to moisture degradation.

The masks are formed by coating a transparent substrate with a light- sensitive film containing a thermoplastic acrylic ester, such as ACRYLOID* A- 101, mixed with a diazonium compound and coupler mixture such as 4-bromo- 3,5-resorcylic acid, N-benzyl acetoacetamide and p-diazo-diethyl aniline boron tetrafluoride.

A 0.5 to 1 micron thick polymer precoat of ZR-124** hard thermoplastic acrylic resin to improve adherence is first coated on a glass substrate from a 5% solution of the resin in toluene. The coating is air or bake dried at a temperature of 105 degrees C.

A second 3-4 micron thick light-sensitive diazo coating is then formed from an ACRYLOID A101, high molecular weight acrylic ester, resin solution diluted to about 11 per cent solids with methyl ethyl ketone which has been previously acidified with citric acid (1.4 grams/100 ml). Each 75 ml of the acidified resin solution also contains about 1.8 grams of p-diazo diethyl aniline boron tetrafluoride, about 0.159 gram of 4-bromo-3, 5-resorcylic acid and 0.317 gram of N-benzyl acetoacetamide.

The coating layers are exposed imagewise to actinic radiation and developed with dry ammonia to produce a semitransparent, water resistant, scratch resistant photomask. * Trademark of Rohm & Haas Company ** Product of Rohm & Haas Company.