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Web Slitting Device

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000082407D
Original Publication Date: 1974-Dec-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Feb-28
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This device provides finish slitting of a flexible web to provide substantial straightness in the edge of the slit product.

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Web Slitting Device

This device provides finish slitting of a flexible web to provide substantial straightness in the edge of the slit product.

As a flexible web is unwound from a supply reel and guided to a slitting station, it is normally susceptible to considerable lateral motion before it enters the slitter station. Such lateral motion results in nonstraightness or runout of the edge of the slit web.

This apparatus provides a guiding system for the web before it enters the slitting station. Web 2 is unwound from a supply reel, not shown, and drawn towards slitter blades 4, normally by winding tension from a take-up reel, also not shown. The web 2 is guided past or through an arbitrary array of guide bearings 6 to guide system 8. Guide bearing 12 provides a substantial angle of wrap for the web around guide system 8.

Guide system 8 consists of a precision guidance channel defined by rigid guide flange 14 and compliant guides 16. The compliant guides 16 are thin metal leaf springs which bear lightly against one edge of web 2, to urge the other edge of the web against rigid guide
14. The bottom 18 of the guide is made of a porous material, in this case an array of small holes 22, so that air under pressure may be forced through it to provide an air bearing on which the web 2 rides.

The air bearing supports the web with forces normal to the surface of the web. Additionally, the air bearing provides a low drag force as the web 2 is moved along the guided length. Fixed guide 14 contains indentations 24 which permit the air under the web to bleed off around the edge of the web abutting the fixed guide.

After exiting from guide system 8, the web 2 enters slitting station 4 where it is accurately slit to its final desired width. Sc...