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Sample Holder

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000084216D
Original Publication Date: 1975-Oct-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-02
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Mulzet, AP: AUTHOR [+2]


This holder is particularly useful for handling flat objects such as flat samples which are to be tested.

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Sample Holder

This holder is particularly useful for handling flat objects such as flat samples which are to be tested.

The holder includes coacting fixture and resilient members 10, 11, Figs. 1 and 4, respectively. Fixture 10 includes two similar end members 12A, 12B connected by elongated bars 13. Member 12A has two elongated steplike shoulders 14, 15, Fig. 2, and a finger access opening 16. Member 12B has a similar finger access 16', but only one steplike elongated shoulder 15' which is compatible and aligned with shoulder 15. On each of the sides of members 12A, 12B is a pair of aligned grooves 17.

Resilient member 11 includes a flat strip 18 of resilient material, e.g., rubber, secured at each of its ends to cylindrical rods 19.

To affix a sample S to holder 10, resilient member 18 is draped around cross- connecting members 13 with the exposed ends of rods 19 located in grooves 17, as shown in Fig. 5. Sample S is manipulated with the aid of accesses 16, 16', so that its appropriate edge is first placed or slipped under shoulder 14 of member 12A while pressing down on stretched and draped member 18, and then the opposite edge of sample S is maneuvered under shoulder 15' of member 12B.

When the last-mentioned edge of sample S is so placed, then the first- mentioned edge is maneuvered under shoulder 15 of member 12A, and the sample S is thus kept in place against coplanar shoulders 15, 15' by the resilient action of member 18 applying a force in the direction o...