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Document Stabilizer

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000086413D
Original Publication Date: 1976-Sep-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-03
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Breckner, GJ: AUTHOR [+2]


This device comprises an improved and economical document stabilizer for use with a document feed which includes fluffing means.

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Document Stabilizer

This device comprises an improved and economical document stabilizer for use with a document feed which includes fluffing means.

When bulk fed documents are to be joggled, it is necessary to fluff the documents so that the joggling is effective. During the fluffing, documents must be also be stabilized in the direction of feed.

The present arrangement uses a flexible belt provided with a plurality of thin paddles extending outwardly from the outer surface of the belt loop, and arranged to traverse driving and idler pulleys positioned so that the belt is twisted through an angle of 90 degrees, thereby causing motion of the paddles into and out of a group of documents which are being fluffed.

Referring to Fig. 1, there is shown a group of documents 3, being moved toward a feed mechanism including a picker belt 5, in the direction as shown by the arrow 7, by document transport means, not shown, such as suitable transport belts or other devices. At one portion in the travel of the documents 3 there is provided a fluffing area 9 with limits as shown in the drawing. In this area, the documents are fluffed or separated in their direction of travel, in order that they may be joggled more readily.

In the fluffing operation, support and stabilization must be provided for the documents, and in this case it is provided by a flexible timing belt 11, equipped as usual with a plurality of teeth on the inner aspect thereof. On the outer aspect of belt 11, there is provided a plurality of thin paddles 13, spaced at suitable intervals, and extending perpendicularly outward from the outer surface of the belt, as can be seen from the drawing.

A drive pulley 15 is mounted at one end of the assembly and is driven by suitable driving means, not shown, so that the drive pulley 15 rotates in the clockwise direction as indicated by the associated arrow.

The other end of the belt 11 passes over an idler pulley 17, so that th...