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Extraction Tool

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000098419D
Original Publication Date: 1960-Oct-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-07
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Northrop, AW: AUTHOR [+2]


This special tool removes soldered terminals 10 which are held in a base 11 by solder fillets 12.

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Extraction Tool

This special tool removes soldered terminals 10 which are held in a base 11 by solder fillets 12.

A pencil-type soldering iron 13 has a heating element 14 having an internally threaded bore 15. A removal head 16 consists of a barrel portion 17 bored to receive a plunger 18, preferably made of stainless steel and slidably mounted in the barrel 17. The barrel 17 is preferably made of copper and includes an angularly extending threaded arm 19 which is adapted to go into the threaded bore 15. The barrel 17 is heated by conduction by the heating element 14. The barrel 17 is adapted to embrace the terminal 10 sufficiently so as to contact the fillet of solder 12.

In this position, the plunger 18 is displaced upwardly by the terminal 10. The lower section of the plunger 18 is adapted to enter into the aperture through which the terminal 10 projects. With the fillet of solder melted by the barrel portion 17, any suitable instrument may be used to strike the plunger 18 to drive the terminal 10 from the base 11. The lower portion of the plunger 18 enters the aperture in the base 11 so as to prevent the molten solder from entering. The tool also may be utilized to form a new fillet of solder after a new terminal is seated.


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