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Pulsed Gate Circuit

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Original Publication Date: 1960-Nov-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-07
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The transistorized pulse control circuit is suitable for use in high speed data processing equipment.

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Pulsed Gate Circuit

The transistorized pulse control circuit is suitable for use in high speed data processing equipment.

Pulse amplification is provided by transistor 10 which may be a PNP graded base junction type having an emitter 11, a base 12 and a collector 13. Transistor 10 is connected in grounded emitter configuration such that a negative signal applied to base 12 forwardly biases the emitter base junction. This permits conduction in the output circuit which comprises emitter 11 and collector 13.

Emitter 11 is normally biased to approximately -1.5 volts by the voltage divider consisting of resistors 14 and 15. The latter are connected from junction 16 to 11. The second terminal of 14 connects to a -3.5 volt source at terminal 17 and the second terminal of 15 connects to ground.

The biasing potential is removed from 16 by a transistor 18 connected in grounded emitter configuration. Emitter 19 is grounded and collector 21 connects to 16. Base 20 connects through resistor 22 and an overdrive capacitor 23 to a control signal source at terminal 24. A negative signal (3. 0 volts) 24 forwardly biases the emitter base junction of 18. Conduction in its output circuit raises the potential at 16 to approximately ground. This removes the negative bias from the pulse amplifying circuit. A resistor 25, connected between 20 and a +9.5 volt source at terminal 26, provides a path for Ico to the transistor to insure that it remains off in the absence of an input of proper polarity.

Base 12 of 10 connec...