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Notation for Hebrew Dates in a Calendar

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Original Publication Date: 1992-Jan-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-22
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Hebrew dates dates need to be individually entered for each year in a calendar system.

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Notation for Hebrew Dates in a Calendar

       Hebrew dates dates need to be individually entered for
each year in a calendar system.

      Consider a computer calendar system which manages dates in
traditional Gregorian dates of twelve months of 28 to 31 days. These
computer systems are prevalent in today's computer art.

      In these systems, Hebrew dates need to be individually typed,
and the Gregorian equivalent needs to be known. The Jewish holidays
are Sunday, for the most part defined in terms of the corresponding
date on the Hebrew calendar. These holidays are important to
calendars of people who celebrate, or whose customers celebrate,
these holidays, so that meetings, phone calls, and other
calendar-related information can be presented and managed to occur,
or not occur, on these dates. In current art, the user of a computer
calendar system must know or retrieve from some other source the
Gregorian dates for these Hebrew dates.

      In the proposed method, the user is allowed to enter the date
of Hebrew dates as Hyyyymmdd where the capital "H" signifies Hebrew
dates and "yyyymmdd" is the Gregorian date for which the Hebrew date
is desired. This entry is accepted as a valid date wherever a date
may be entered. The computer calendar system then calculates the
Hebrew date for the entered date and substitutes it.

      This method is new in these ways:
o  The Hebrew dates are entered in a short, easy to understand way.
o  The Gregorian dat...