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Asynchronous Transfer Mode Call Reference Management

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000114741D
Original Publication Date: 1995-Jan-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-29
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Mieczkowski, DJ: AUTHOR


Disclosed is a technique for Asynchronous Transfer Mode call-reference management.

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Asynchronous Transfer Mode Call Reference Management

      Disclosed is a technique for Asynchronous Transfer Mode
call-reference management.

      The ATM protocol is connection oriented.  In order to establish
a communication session, an ATM workstation must "call" another ATM
workstation using a signalling procedure over a predetermined
signalling channel.  Multiple ATM devices may signal simultaneously
over the same signalling channel.  The signalling messages are
uniquely identified using a Call Reference (CR) value field in the
of the message.  The call reference value must therefore be unique.

      This technique reserves a portion of the call reference field
for the individual port number of a multi-ported device to ensure

      The call reference field is four octets in length.  Two of the
octets are under local control.  The other two octets are controlled
by the opposite end of the UNI.  Uniqueness of the call reference
values on the network UNI can be ensured by reserving 4 bits of the
local portion of the CR field for the port number.  The remaining 12
bits of the CR field will provide adequate flexibility for CR value

      The multi-ported device can use the 4 bit port field to route
the signalling response.  When the network responds to a signalling
message, the signalling response will contain a CR value identical to
CR value contained in the original message.  The multi-ported device
must on...