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Glued Smc Rework Nozzle

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000119729D
Original Publication Date: 1991-Feb-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Apr-02
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Disclosed is a hot air nozzle for reworking of closely spaced glued-on-board surface mount components (SMC).

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Glued Smc Rework Nozzle

      Disclosed is a hot air nozzle for reworking of closely spaced
glued-on-board surface mount components (SMC).

      Figure 1 shows isometric view of the nozzle.  Hot air or other
gas entering nozzle from the top is deflected by internal baffle 2 to
component leads (solder joints) to melt the solder.  Pickup fingers 4
stay open while inserting into the close component spacing when the
nozzle is being lowered.  At the end of the heating cycle when solder
joints are molten, fingers are manually closed by turning knob 10
clockwise to trip the defective component.  The movement of pickup
fingers 4 is controlled by a leadscrew which is connected to knob rod
8 by one-end-free universal joint. There is a direct-threading
connection between the fingers 4 and the leadscrew, allowing little
play for eliminating possible thread binding for angular

      As a defective component is gripped, nozzle assembly retracts
upward, breaking the adhesive bond.  Knob 10 is turned
counterclockwise, releasing the component.

      The leadscrew/fingers subassembly may float because it is not
connected to knob rod 8, thereby providing compliance needed in the
gripping process to accommodate misregistration of component.

      This self-compliance function occurs when pickup fingers 4 are
inserted and when they grip a defective component.  Further, each
finger 4 is hinged with a pin 6 inside a hole for independent