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Publication Date: 2005-Aug-12
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Emergency email notification triggered by E911 call

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Emergency email notification triggered by E911 call

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In an emergency situation involving an E911 call, anyone with an email/phone capable device would like to relay the emergency information to friends/family, emergency center, or to anyone else that may find the information useful.  This idea is made with the assumption that a person in an emergency situation is in possession of an email/phone capable device. 

Emergency email notification application running on the email/phone capable device allows the user to set up a group of people that can be reached via email.  This application will allow the user to set up other parameters such as location information or other personal information to be sent along with the email message.

Once the user is in an emergency situation and dials E911, the application takes charge and waits until the location of the device is determined.  This may involve a geolocation server, E911 emergency center, and other infrastructure entities.  Once location is determined, email is sent out to the group of people chosen by the user.  If device location cannot be determined, the application will send out an email using timeout parameter configured by the user without the location information. It will continue to send updated emails once location is determined.

The application will send out emails once contact with the E911 emergency center has been established, in order to confirm that they situat...