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Publication Date: 2005-Aug-12
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System and Method for Optimal Selection of Certificate Servers Based on Email Addresses

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System and Method for Optimal Selection of Certificate Servers Based on Email Addresses

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In a typical PKI environment, the PKI only extends throughout the company or organization itself, while a different PKI is used at other companies.  Thus, one would most likely have multiple locations (servers) defined on where to retrieve certificates when sending emails.  Unfortunately, there is no default mechanism for determining which server to use in order to obtain the certificate.

One feasible solution to this problem is somewhat forceful.  A user could simply search all of the certificate servers, hoping to find a certificate.  However, this is inefficient for wireless networks.  A more elegant method to perform this search is by attempting to “guess” the certificate server based on its address and the address of the user one is looking for.  Using the suffix of their email address, one can try to match it with a server who might also have the same string in its address.  If so, it is likely that the server will be the one that is being searched for.  In the case of multiple matching servers, one would need to search all of them.

The heuristic is to search through the suffix of the email address by removing the data before the @ symbol (including the symbol itself) and then attempt to match.  One continues to try to find a match by removing text prior to a “.” character.  The heuristic does not continue searc...