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INTEGRATED TV GUIDE Disclosure Number: IPCOM000126826D
Publication Date: 2005-Aug-12
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Integrated Wireless Channel Selection

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Integrated Wireless Channel Selection

Disclosed Anonymously

Handheld communication devices have infrared ports in them, and so there’s interest in using them as television remote controls.

Even if one’s handheld communication device has been “remote control enabled,” there is still the issue of figuring out what is on television.  The idea is to integrate the remote control with the browser on the handheld communication device.  As a user, one can then surf to the TV Guide website and browse what is on the television.  When the user finds a desirable selection, he or she can use the trackwheel to click on the chosen show.  Then, the remote control on the handheld communication device can automatically change to the appropriate channel.  Also, using the browser, one could download a mapping of television channel to TV Guide symbols so that this feature would be usable regardless of location (since channels change depending on geography). 

As a further refinement, a television viewer could plan ahead what they want to watch on a particular evening.  Then, as long as the infrared port on the handheld communication device was within range of the television when the chosen program was set to begin, the user’s handheld communication device could use its own clock and change channels at the appropriate times.  This could be the end of missing the first few minutes of one’s favorite television shows.   

This invention is wireless and thus p...