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System and Method for Discreet Audio Response

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Original Publication Date: 2005-Aug-16
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Aug-16
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Cell phone use in public spaces motivates a need for a more polite and effective means for conveying information. The solution to the problem uses an automated real-time audio response system and a means for selecting responses,

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System and Method for Discreet Audio Response

Many millions of Americans use cell phones, and the devices are become ubiquitous worldwide. Unfortunately, people have become extremely annoyed in movie theaters, weddings, religious services, conferences, restaurants, theaters, and elevators where cell phone conversation may take place. Recent surveys indicate that sixty percent of us would rather visit the dentist than sit next to someone using a cell phone. Most people find it inappropriate when cell phones are answered at dinner, in meetings, in movies, in classrooms, and at funerals. At classrooms, cell phones interfere with the learning process. People using cell phones forget that everyone around them can hear every word they are saying, and they often speak loudly.

This problem of cell phone use in public spaces motivates a need for a more polite and effective means for conveying information using a cell phone.This may be accomplished as follows: A person is in a movie theater or meeting when the cell phone rings. The user does not want to disturb others. The user puts the phone to his ear and then selects button 1, which causes the caller to hear, "Hi, I'm in a meeting right now. I can hear you but keep your message short. I won't talk back." The person at the other end of the call says, "I need you to pick up milk a the store on your way home." The user of the phone presses "1" and the phone says "OK" to the caller. Other canned messages, triggered by butto...