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Memory Management Disclosure Number: IPCOM000128778D
Original Publication Date: 1994-Apr-22
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Tech Note #4012 (4/22/94)Adobe Illustrator ™ - Macintosh ®

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Copyright ©; 1994 Adobe Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Reproduced with permission. Adobe makes no warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of this material and hereby disclaims any responsibliity therefor.

Memory Management

Tech Note #4012 (4/22/94)Adobe Illustrator TM - Macintosh ®

Messages relating to memory usually occur when starting the Adobe Illustrator TM program, when opening a specific Adobe Illustrator document, or when performing a specific operation in Adobe Illustrator. This technical note describes memory messages you may receive and how to resolve memory problems. The exact wording of the message may vary, depending on your version of Adobe Illustrator.

"Can t open the Illustration. Out of memory or missing resource" ID = -192 or -43, occasionally - 37, -38 or -39. When the Adobe Illustrator application starts, it checks the software system to determine the output device to be used so that the program can display the correct page size and imageable area. You specify the output device by selecting it from the Chooser. "Missing resource" may appear if you have reinstalled Adobe Illustrator, your system software, or printing software without specifying an output device. In such cases, you need to reselect the output device from the Chooser

To select an output device:

1 Select Chooser from the Apple ® menu. The Chooser dialog box appears.

2 Click the appropriate device icon (LaserWriter ® , for example) to select it. Select the printer name from the Select list (for AppleTalk printers) or choose the appropriate port (for serial printers) in the upper right portion of the dialog box. If your computer is on a network, you may need to select a zone and then the device.

3 Close the Chooser.

A message appears while you are opening a specific Adobe Illustrator document stating that there is not enough memory to open the document. When you open an illustration, Adobe Illustrator loads the information into RAM. The amount of RAM that is available depends on how much total RAM your computer has, your system software configuration, and how much RAM has been allocated to Adobe Illustrator.

To allocate more memory to Adobe Illustrator, see the instructions in "Changing Memory Allocation" later in this note. A message appears while you are performing a specific operation in Adobe Illustrator stating that you are "nearly out of memory... " or that there is not enough memory to perform the operation requested. Such memory messages also indicate the available RAM is limited. Adobe Illustrator stores a duplicate of your artwork in RAM that it reverts to if you choose the Undo command. The more Undo Levels set in the General Preferences dialog box, the more RAM is needed to save the information. However, the program has to duplicate only those objects being edited, so you may be able to work on individual objects or smaller groups of objects. Editing many objects simu...