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Adobe Products Catalogue ™ Spring & Summer 1994 Disclosure Number: IPCOM000128792D
Original Publication Date: 1994-Jan-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Sep-19

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Copyright ©; 1994 Adobe Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Reproduced with permission. Adobe makes no warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of this material and hereby disclaims any responsibliity therefor.

Adobe Products Catalogue TM Spring & Summer 1994

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The Means of Expression.....4
How to Order.....5

Adobe Acrobat Products

The Power to Communicate.....6
Acrobat Exchange.....8
Acrobat Distiller.....8
Acrobat Reader.....9
Acrobat Starter Kit.....9
Adobe Graphics Products Adobe Illustrator.....10
Adobe Streamline.....12
Adobe Dimensions.....13
Adobe Photoshop.....14
Adobe Premiere.....16
Adobe Audition.....18

Adobe Type Products

Adobe Type Manager.....19
Adobe SuperATM 20 Adobe TypeAlign.....22
Adobe Type Reunion.....22

Adobe Page 1 Jan 01, 1994

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Adobe Products Catalogue TM Spring & Summer 1994

Adobe Type Basics.....23
Adobe Wild Type.....24
Adobe Value Pack.....25
Type On Call.....26
Adobe Font Folio.....27
Adobe Type Library.....28
Multiple Master Typefaces.....29
Adobe Type Library Listing.....30
Symbol Typefaces.....37
Non-Latin Typefaces.....37


The Means of Expression

At Adobe, our goal is to help people effectively use computers to create and share information. That s why we invented the Adobe PostScript TM page-description language, the imaging technology which, since its introduction in 1985, has become the industry standard worldwide. It enables you to create, view and print documents that incorporate text, graphics, images and colour across a full range of desktop computers and printers.

Extending the reach of PostScript software, Adobe Acrobat TM products allow you to share those rich documents electronically, across computing environments. And our award-winning graphics applications (such as Adobe Illustrator TM and Adobe Photoshop TM ), typefaces and type- related tools give you the means to e...