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A Guide to Acrobat Products and Services Disclosure Number: IPCOM000128793D
Original Publication Date: 1994-Jan-01
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Copyright ©; 1994 Adobe Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Reproduced with permission. Adobe makes no warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of this material and hereby disclaims any responsibliity therefor.

A Guide to Acrobat Products and Services

About This Catalog

Today, many software manufacturers and businesses are recognizing the tremendous value of Adobe TM Acrobat TM software. That is why they are rapidly developing products and services that support this innovative, platform-independent, software-independent electronic document technology.

In this catalog, you will find products and services grouped in categories for all kinds of uses -- from complimentary software to informational handbooks, service bureaus and system integrators. And this is only the beginning. New products and services are being created every day.

This electronic catalog will help you explore all the Acrobat-compatible products and services available to you already!

Use the Acrobat navigation tools in the menu bar and pull-down menus to guide you through this catalog s many pages. Or explore the "links" embedded in this catalog represented by red arrows or red symbols " * " to go to the items that might interest you, or to simply turn the page, like the arrow to the right.


Select one of the categories below to view Acrobat-compatible products and services. Authoring Software
Publishing and Distribution Services
Document Conversion
Financial Information Services
Computer Product Information Services
Conference Services
PDF Distribution Services
OEM and VAR Services
Educational Services
Document Management Companies
Shopping for Software on CD-ROM
Government Information in PDF
Books and Manuals
Developer Programs
User Group Programs
Acrobat Distributors

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A Guide to Acrobat Products and Services

Authoring Software

Adobe Illustrator 5.5

Adobe Illustrator 5.5 software for Macintosh ® , the industry s leading illustration and page design tool, features a new import/export capability that enables users to open and edit single pages of Portable Document Format (PDF) files. This capability, along with the program s editing tools, provides the fastest way to edit PDF files. Now you can change text characters, adjust curves, add color or gradients, and then export the edited page back to the original PDF file while maintaining links, bookmarks and annotations.

With Adobe Illustrator software, you can not only edit vector-based artwork, but also create new artwork for placement into PDF files. In addition, PDF files that contain photographs (raster or bitmapped images) are automatically tagged with an Adobe Photoshop TM program identification when imported into the Adobe Illustrator program. This allows you to launch Adobe Photoshop software from within the Adobe Illustrator program and to use all Adobe Photoshop tools to manipulate t...