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Adobe Systems Introduces Adobe Acrobat Disclosure Number: IPCOM000128794D
Original Publication Date: 1993-Jun-15
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Adobe Systems Introduces Adobe Acrobat

For More Information Please Contact: Linda Prosser Adobe Systems Incorporated 415-962- 3840

Groundbreaking Software Enables Digital Document Communications Across Major Computer Environments

New York (June 15, 1993) (NASDAQ:ADBE) -- Adobe Systems Incorporated today introduced Adobe TM Acrobat TM , a family of new software products that enable for the first time a practical and effective method of communicating all types of documents across different types of computers. This announcement, along with supporting announcements from technology and business partners and customers unveiling of new products and services that utilize Acrobat software, were made today at a special event at the The Auditorium at Equitable Center in Manhattan.

"Acrobat will fundamentally change the economics of information by removing the critical barriers that have kept electronic documents from moving between computers," said John Warnock, Chairman and CEO, Adobe Systems Incorporated. "Today s paper-based information is hampered by the physical media. Acrobat technology liberates information and the flow of ideas and allows it to enter the electronic age."

Using Adobe Acrobat software, users can send electronic documents created on their computer to other computer users, regardless of the recipients hardware platform, operating system or application software. These documents can then be read, annotated, printed and stored by the receiving computer. Adobe Acrobat products preserve the essential look and feel of even the most complex documents that contain photographs, various typefaces and color. At the event, Adobe demonstrated how the Acrobat family of software products are being applied to dramatically change how companies communicate and manage information at several of the nearly 400 Acrobat Beta test sites. Customer application examples include information publishers, on-line services, insurance and financial services companies, manufacturing, consumer packaged goods suppliers, and organizations in education and government.

Adobe Acrobat Product Line

The Adobe Acrobat Product Line is composed of three different products: Acrobat Reader, Acrobat Exchange and Acrobat Distiller TM . The Macintosh ® and Windows TM versions are

available immediately with DOS and UNIX ® versions expected in late 1993.

Acrobat products utilize Adobe's new Portable Document Format (PDF), a PostScript TM -based file format that can describe documents in a completely device and resolution independent manner.

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Adobe Systems Introduces Adobe Acrobat

Acrobat Reader is a software application that enables information consumers to view, n...