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Syncronization of mobile phone with radio channels frequencies of car stereo

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Original Publication Date: 2005-Sep-20
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Sep-20
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This article deal with an additional feature of mobile phones allowing user to synchronize radio frequencies of car stereo with ones stored into the cellular phone.

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Syncronization of mobile phone with radio channels frequencies of car stereo

User listening to car stereo are disappointed when leaving their car they are not anymore able to continue listening a specific radio station unless they find it on a mobile device like a portable radio or a cellular phone. The problem can be easily solved providing a mechanism of synchronization of mobile radio frequencies of car stereo with the ones of a cellular phone.

Nowadays most of mobiles phones are provided with a radio but there is no automatic way to replicate same configuration of car stereo. The synchronization of devices can be realized through an irda port allowing the transmission of frequencies of car stereo to mobile phone. This synchronization is based on the definition of a protocol of data exchange between different devices and providing to the car stereo a connection port (i.e. irda) to realize data exchange.

     In that way user can easily continue listening their radio station providing an usability and capability improvement of cellular phones.